How to unleash the potential of your website

To launch a website, one does not need much time or money. Thanks to available tools any internet user can do this. However, launching a website is only a first step. Driving traffic to the site requires more efforts.

Before creating a website one should clearly understand its goal and type. Here are most common site types:

  • Corporate website (image one for customers and informational one for the employees).
  • E-shop — an interactive platform for selling goods and services.
  • Informational portal as a rule has a complex structure with numerous subsections.
  • Blog — an online diary (personal or corporative).
  • Forum — usually located on a main website’s subdomain.
  • Promo website — for one project.
  • Game portal — one of the most visited website types.
  • Business card website — a simplest site consisting of a several websites

These types differ greatly, yet they have one thing in common – any website needs promoting and optimizing.

Semalt Project is a complex web analysis and search engine optimization tool. combines the most needed options:

  • web analytics
  • search engine optimization
  • web promotion

Semalt product

Semalt Project is a system of algorithms synchronized to work as a whole. Customers using our service are offered many features for improving their website performance:

  • form the semantic kernel of a website
  • keyword monitoring
  • check webpage optimization
  • getting more information on business competitors
  • launch SEO-campaign

Some tasks can be easily handled by owners while others including SEO and promotion should be tackled by professionals. Semalt team unites experienced professionals who can boast of many successful SEO projects and hundreds of thankful customers.

To use Semalt Web Analyticsbasic functions, just sign up at and create a project. You can see our prices hеre.