Selecting keywords

Congratulations! You’ve created a new project in the Semalt web analytics. Don’t forget to read Help where you will find lots of helpful information like step-by-step explanation how to work with the project including position monitoring and SEO campaign.

So, while creating the project you downloaded certain keywords. If you think you need more, just use ‘Semalt suggestions’ function. To do that, go to the field “website positions” and click SUGGESTIONS.

suggestions button

A list of suggested keywords will be displayed. You can either select all of them or choose the most relevant ones. Note that both very popular and rare query keywords are listed. However, sometimes it is rarely-searched keywords that drive the majority of visitors to a website.

suggestions list

Look through the list and tick off the keywords you need. Add them to an existing group or create a new one. Why divide keywords into groups? This option is very handy for multi-page websites with many subsections.

To finish, click Add keywords. Done!