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Semalt Project

Semalt Project

How to unleash the potential of your website

To launch a website, one does not need much time or money. Thanks to available tools any internet user can do this. However, launching a website is only a first step. Driving traffic to the site requires more efforts.

Before creating a website one should clearly understand its goal and type. Here are most common site types:

  • Corporate website (image one for customers and informational one for the employees).
  • E-shop — an interactive platform for selling goods and services.
  • Informational portal as a rule has a complex structure with numerous subsections.
  • Blog — an online diary (personal or corporative).
  • Forum — usually located on a main website’s subdomain.
  • Promo website — for one project.
  • Game portal — one of the most visited website types.
  • Business card website — a simplest site consisting of a several websites

These types differ greatly, yet they have one thing in common – any website needs promoting and optimizing.

Semalt Project is a complex web analysis and search engine optimization tool. combines the most needed options:

  • web analytics
  • search engine optimization
  • web promotion

Semalt product

Semalt Project is a system of algorithms synchronized to work as a whole. Customers using our service are offered many features for improving their website performance:

  • form the semantic kernel of a website
  • keyword monitoring
  • check webpage optimization
  • getting more information on business competitors
  • launch SEO-campaign

Some tasks can be easily handled by owners while others including SEO and promotion should be tackled by professionals. Semalt team unites experienced professionals who can boast of many successful SEO projects and hundreds of thankful customers.

To use Semalt Web Analyticsbasic functions, just sign up at and create a project. You can see our prices hеre.

Website positions

Website positions

Detailed keyword rankings report by Semalt

Semalt provides the user not only with general information on website positions but also a full report on every keyword. To see details, open the page of a project and go to the field “website positions”. Here one can use a filter to type a word in to quickly find it. One can easily filter the list using the menu in the right part of the window.

 all rankings menu

List filtering will help you better understand which keywords need promoting and which ones already have high positions.

Tick off the queries you need to perform the following actions in Keywords settings:

  • Add to new group
  • Add to current group
  • Move to top
  • Move down
  • Delete from keyword list

keywords settings


If you need statistics on a certain keyword just left click it. A window will open to show you search engine ranking dynamics graphs. This is Google search engine query frequency split into dates.

one keyword stats

You can also view the list of your competitors’ websites using the same keywords for promotion. To see more, click Track in the field of the rival domain. To quickly switch to a competitor’s website, simply click on its web address. Click the keyword again to close the window with detailed information.

Make notes

Want to make notes to the data you received? We’ve already thought about it and added Note List function. Click it to open the Notes window and type any information you want.


You can also make notes for a certain date in the general table of keyword positions. Find the date you need and click Create note (“+”).

note for date


In the same way you can view and edit saved notes. Every date is displayed under its respective date.

my note

You can work with web analytics reports online. However, sometimes it is necessary to save a report to the hard drive. There is such a possibility. Choose a file format between .CSV or .PDF and download the report you need with one click.

Semalt also has a special Report Center with wide properties.

Semantic kernel

Semantic kernel

Selecting keywords

Congratulations! You’ve created a new project in the Semalt web analytics. Don’t forget to read Help where you will find lots of helpful information like step-by-step explanation how to work with the project including position monitoring and SEO campaign.

So, while creating the project you downloaded certain keywords. If you think you need more, just use ‘Semalt suggestions’ function. To do that, go to the field “website positions” and click SUGGESTIONS.

suggestions button

A list of suggested keywords will be displayed. You can either select all of them or choose the most relevant ones. Note that both very popular and rare query keywords are listed. However, sometimes it is rarely-searched keywords that drive the majority of visitors to a website.

suggestions list

Look through the list and tick off the keywords you need. Add them to an existing group or create a new one. Why divide keywords into groups? This option is very handy for multi-page websites with many subsections.

To finish, click Add keywords. Done!

How to create and save reports on Semalt project page

How to create and save reports on Semalt project page

Download web analytics reports in just one click

Viewing web analytics reports online is beyond any doubt a convenient function. However, there are situations when one needs to download information to computer, send it by email or print. In this case fast download of reports on Semalt project page comes in very handy. To do that, one does not need to go to Report Center.

Use Calendar to choose the date you need any information view:

  • Show positions
  • Compare

You can see changes in the keyword position table. Now use the Filter function and settings in the menu “All rankings”. To download a report to the hard drive, in the field “Quick report” select the format you need: .CSV  or .PDF.

quick reports

  • .CSV file is a table that can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, CSVed, Corel Quattro Pro, KSpread, LabVIEW or a word processor.
  • .PDF file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Reader, STDU Viewer.
CSV table report

A .CSV report is really convenient for it allows the user to edit, copy information and make notes. It is also possible to have keywords sorted in terms of query frequency.

PDF document report

This is the format of choice for presentations when one needs to demonstrate the website promotion dynamics and rise in its visibility. This data is presented in graphs and thus is much easier to understand.

It is quick reports, which does not require detailed setting. Use Semalt Report Center to create report templates and set email lists.

How to use Semalt data for business?

How to use Semalt data for business?

Find out your website ranking using keywords

Semalt web analyzer is a universal tool for monitoring websites. With its help you can not only learn current positions of your webpages for all keywords but also see the dynamics. The service interface offers charts and graphs for you to view the information on website traffic and keywords. But this is far not all the benefits Semalt can offer you.

Learn your website’s visibility rate. This rate shows if the webpages are well-optimized and how they are indexed by Google. In other words, you can see how a search engine rank your website and then make necessary changes in the future.

A new Semalt project starts with a scanning of webpages. After that the system lists query keywords matching the website’s objective. Some of them may be irrelevant so we strongly advise you carefully study keywords suggestion and select the ones you need.

What are website rankings all about?

The key task of a web master is to have your website hit the TOP search results. Users usually do not bother viewing more than one page of the search results that’s why every place on the first page is a “battlefield”. However, you will not type hundreds of keywords one by one to see your positions and ones of your competitors. Such tools al are used for auto-monitoring.

First, Open project page and specify dates on calendar.


In the field “keywords activity”, rankings can be viewed in graph form.  “Global changes” show general tendencies of site promotion while the detailed information on this is available in “Summary”.

show global changes

In the menu “Scale”, select Keywords or Percents and in Rankings specify the data type: TOP or Dynamics. The graph shows changes per day, week or month. Of course, if you want to see dynamics it’s better to select a longer period of time.

Website positions

Finally we are about to discuss the most important issue — dividing website positions in terms of date.

website positions

Don’t be puzzled by such a difference in rankings. Remember that users are much more active during working days, and when it comes to weekend positions may sink.

Carefully study the table to understand the activity of your potential customers in the internet. This is a big advantage over your business competitors. And speaking of competitors, Semalt will identify and track pages of your rivals in terms of a certain keyword.