Download web analytics reports in just one click

Viewing web analytics reports online is beyond any doubt a convenient function. However, there are situations when one needs to download information to computer, send it by email or print. In this case fast download of reports on Semalt project page comes in very handy. To do that, one does not need to go to Report Center.

Use Calendar to choose the date you need any information view:

  • Show positions
  • Compare

You can see changes in the keyword position table. Now use the Filter function and settings in the menu “All rankings”. To download a report to the hard drive, in the field “Quick report” select the format you need: .CSV  or .PDF.

quick reports

  • .CSV file is a table that can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, CSVed, Corel Quattro Pro, KSpread, LabVIEW or a word processor.
  • .PDF file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Reader, STDU Viewer.
CSV table report

A .CSV report is really convenient for it allows the user to edit, copy information and make notes. It is also possible to have keywords sorted in terms of query frequency.

PDF document report

This is the format of choice for presentations when one needs to demonstrate the website promotion dynamics and rise in its visibility. This data is presented in graphs and thus is much easier to understand.

It is quick reports, which does not require detailed setting. Use Semalt Report Center to create report templates and set email lists.